Spectacle » Rio in Concert, 1981


Highlights the contrasts of the Marvelous City, as Rio de Janeiro is called by its inhabitants, showing contrasting images, from real to illusory, from humorous to tense. The end result is a collage of themes and music, touring from North to South, from the old to the new, from the trendy to the traditional never losing the rhythm of Rio. There is no better way to talk about the carioca (person born in Rio), other than dancing. There is dancing on the downtown rush. There is dance on a soccer match and on the cheering audience. There is dancing on the sauntering people coming down from the Favelas (shantytowns on hills all around the city), and going to the beach. Dancing, we will spend a day in Rio from dawn to following dawn, with its habits, its follies and its main characteristics.


History presentations

Teatro Tereza Rachel, Rio de Janeiro - RJ (1981)
Teatro do Liceu, Rio de Janeiro - RJ (1981)
Teatro Maison de France, Rio de Janeiro - RJ (1981)
Teatro Armando Gonzaga, Rio de Janeiro - RJ (1981)
Teatro CUP, Sorocaba - SP (1981)
Teatro da Piedade de Ilhéus - BA (1981)
Teatro Ação Fraternal de Itabuna (1981)