Spectacle » Tempo, 2010


It combines dance, space, time and memory in a process of creation, where the work is the moving shaft that enhances the living experience and the unique and collective manifestations of the dancers. Through research on space and time, timing in dance, the relativity of time, time that does not pass, the lack of time, the urgency, waiting time and the time that has passed, Regina Sauer interweaves  ideas with life stories and transforms the body's intention on the stage setting in ​​ semiotic objects of beings in motion.


History presentations

Teatro Carlos Gomes – RJ (2011)
1º Festival Nacional de Dança de Três Rios – RJ (2011)
Circuito SESC RJ - Sesc Nova Iguaçu, Sesc Barra Mansa, Sesc Teresópolis, Sesc São Gonçalo e Sesc São João de Meriti - RJ (2011)
Teatro Carlos Gomes – Rio de Janeiro – RJ (2010)