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90 years

"In the 90's, the group extended its research and showed a growing ambition related to the dance language and finishing, gradually becoming a reality on the dance scene of Rio, as evidenced by the (...) show, Insight, in commemoration of its 15 years. Much energy and some stunts mark its new style. There is also a sophistication of language that moves away from the jazz group of its initial period. (...)"
(VICENZIA, Ida, História Visual da Dança : Dança no Brasil. FUNARTE. Rio de janeiro , 1997)

80 years

"Several companies started with Jazz Dance, and later, passed the fever, they found new ways. As is the case of Cia. Nós da Dança, of Regina Sauer, from Rio de Janeiro. Created in 1981, the show that started the work of the group, Rio in Concert, won the first place on the I Encontro Nacional de Jazz Dance held in Brasilia. This does not mean that Cia Nós da Dança had found its vocation. It didn't take many years for the group to start a new research, concerned with things of Brazil. In 1983, its second show, Homage to Villa-Lobos, the group set a new line of work towards modern dance. With choreography for Villa-Lobos compositions, Cia. Nós da Dança won the first prize at the III Concurso National de Balé e Coreografias do Projeto Aquarius. "
(VICENZIA, Ida, História Visual da Dança: Dança no Brasil. FUNARTE. Rio de janeiro , 1997)


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